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4 Spiritual Self Care Ideas to Start Your Day

Spiritual self-care is important for every Christian and is best practiced every day. Your spiritual life is important and needs your constant attention. When your spiritual life falls apart, many things stop working in your life. When you feed your spirit and soul with ungodly stuff, you become more ungodly (2 Timothy 2:16). This is walking in the flesh and not in the Spirit.

To thrive spiritually means you walk in the Spirit and use spiritual disciplines daily. This fills your life with the joy that comes from the Spirit of God. If you’re looking for ideas to get you started, keep reading. 

4 spiritual self-care ideas to start your day are:

1) Meditation

As a Christian, you are to meditate on God’s word. It gives health to your spirit, soul, and body. God’s word shows you who you are, what you ought to do and what you inherit from God as his child. Meditate on a Bible verse, passage or one of Jesus’ parables. Find out what each passage is communicating and how to apply the principles you learn in your life. You will find lots of ideas on how to grow spiritually. God’s word is for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

2) Journaling

Writing your thoughts in a journal helps you see your thoughts and beliefs and where they do not align with God’s word. Jot down your emotions relating to various situations you experience daily. This way, you will have insight into your emotional makeup. You can only change what you know. God also speaks to you daily and writing his revelations means you have a permanent record of them and can refer when you forget. When you keep a journal, you can track the happenings in your spiritual life.

3) Daily declarations

Speak to your situations and declare God’s word over them. Declare that you are blessed, righteous through Christ, a child of God, the redeemed of the Lord, a king, and priest and many others you can find in the Bible. Declare you are successful, prosperous, highly favored and you will see these things manifest in your life. You can also declare illnesses or problems gone and you’ll see them go. As a king, you declare a thing and it will be established for you (Job 22:28).

4) Read an inspirational book

Reading books that inspire you in the Christian faith will build you up spiritually. You learn new things, the revelation others have on the Scriptures, stories to build your faith or Christian teachings. Reading a book in the morning is better than waking up to negative news on TV or in the newspaper. An inspirational book will leave you refreshed and hopeful when someone else encourages you through their message. A book can address an issue you have been struggling to resolve.

Spiritual self-care ideas to start your day are many but the above will be a good place to start. As you read more content on spiritual self-care, you will find new ideas.

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Spiritual Self Care Ideas to Start Your Day