The Christian Meditation Journal - Meditation with Faith and Purpose

Job, after having a real-life encounter with God said in Job 42: 5, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” 

      • Is that how you feel? 
      • You want to really experience God for yourself? 
      • Do you want God to talk to you? 
      • Do you want to hear God’s still small voice?

The Bible says that God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We’ve all got a lot of God through His Word, but what about that worshipping part? Worshiping God is so much more than singing songs and giving Him praise. What God really wants is to live in us and through us and that only comes by opening the door of our hearts and minds and dwelling in His transformative presence that allows God to change us from the inside out!

Is a Regular Quiet Time Essential?

According to a recent survey on my website,, 98% of Christians believe that a regular quiet time with God is essential, yet only 10% actually devote this precious time to God regularly. Why is that? Because they’re not seeing the pay off! Many Christians still struggle with depression, negative thoughts, fear, and doubt. Maybe we’re approaching this whole devotional time with God the wrong way.

You are Only As Healthy as Your Mind

One thing to note, you are only as healthy as your mind and that includes your thoughts. Even Christ said this, over and over and over again, in numerous ways throughout the Scriptures. For example, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Or, “Bring every thought captive to Christ?” Yet most of us rarely pay attention to our unconscious thoughts, and many times our thoughts are sabotaging our lives as well as our relationship with God.

Create a Quiet Time that You Love

What if I told you that you can create a daily time with God that you’ll love and that will literally transform your life in daily easy steps? If you are ready to breathe new life in your Christian walk, heck into your life, you’ll love The Christian Meditation Journal. By spending time with God daily utilizing a variety of spiritual disciplines, you’ll create a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God and yourself. And yes, the Bible encourages meditation. Not only this, you’ll begin each day with more clarity and focus as well as feeling more refreshed and renewed. Christ-centered meditation is like a daily shower of the mind. Does yours need a good washing out?

Love Jesus Calling?

If you’ve loved daily devotional like Jesus Calling or lectures by Dr. Caroline Leaf who shares the science behind negative thoughts and how it relates to God and scripture, or the teaching of contemplative teacher Father Richard Rohr, you’ll love The Christian Meditation Journal that will provide you with effective tools and guidance to not only recognize your destructive thoughts, inner hurts, and pains, but more importantly, how to root them out so you can live each day with more love, peace, joy, and contentment

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