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5 Principles to Help You Live by The Spirit

Life in the Spirit is life-changing. Every human being is born with the natural inclination to desire a deeper level of spirituality. The differences come in how we go about seeking spirituality. In Christianity, it means getting closer to God and living by his principles.

To be spiritual is to live by the Spirit. Romans 8:5 tells us that to be spiritual is to live according to the Spirit – The Holy Spirit, with the promise of life and peace. Therefore, you cannot live according to your flesh or carnal mind when pursuing a spiritual journey. 

The following 5 principles will guide you as you begin your life changing spiritual journey.

1) Aligning your life with the will of God

God has told us to seek first his kingdom and we will receive the other things we desire (Matthew 6:33). We are to seek him and set our minds on his kingdom. The spiritual things we are to focus on are: purpose, becoming Christlike, serving God and many others. Living out of alignment with the will of God means you struggle to see your prayers answered or experience success in life.

2) Increasing your spirit’s capacity

To better handle the stresses of life and have supernatural experiences with God, your spirit’s capacity must increase. This happens by reading and meditating on God’s word, prayer, and fasting. According to Ephesians 3:16, the Spirit of God also strengthens your inner being by his power. This is supernatural strength to live an abundant life.

3) Spiritual disciplines and tools

To help you on your life changing spiritual journey embrace different disciplines, for example, meditating on God’s word, being still before the Lord, casting your cares and anxiety upon the Lord, taking a personal spiritual retreat or using tools like a journal or devotional. There are Bible apps like YouVersion that help you with inspirational content, devotionals and several Bible versions to help you during your quiet time with God.

4) Examining your inner being

This gives you the benefit of knowing the issues you are dealing with. You can zero in on them and take them to God for healing. Remember, out of the heart flow the things of life (Proverbs 4:23). We need the healing touch of God to overcome past hurts and disappointments so we can thrive spiritually.

5) Listen to the Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit indwells you and is the one who shows you the truth in different areas of your life. He is your Helper (John 14:16) and helps you obey the commands of God. He exposes what hides in darkness, in the depths of your heart.

A life changing spiritual journey starts with identifying your spiritual needs. If you are not familiar with them ask God. He will let you know. This is a personal journey because your relationship with God is personal.

One life changing tool to help you on your spiritual journey is The Christian Meditation Journal. It has insights, tools and principles to guide you.  

Life changing spiritual journey