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5 Ways to Refresh Your Daily Devotional Time

As Christians, we thrive when we have a daily devotional time with the Lord. After years of routine in our devotions, we get bored and the time can feel dry. You don’t feel refreshed like when you first started. What is the problem? It is definitely not God!

There are ways to refresh your daily devotional time. Keep reading.

When we do something, the same way every time it can get boring and dry. When you enter your devotional time with a script that you must strictly follow, you feel restricted and frustrated. You no longer look forward to spending time with the Lord.

Below are 5 ways that will refresh your daily devotional time:

1) Ask God to reveal the cause of your dry devotional time

There are many reasons we feel our devotional time with God is dry. We don’t know until God opens our spiritual eyes to see. He opened Hagar’s eyes to see a well of water when she had none for her dying son (Genesis 21:19). In the same way, he will open your eyes to the real reason you are struggling in your devotional time with him.

2) Allow the Spirit of God to lead

When you have a set script of how you carry out your devotion, you leave no room for the Holy Spirit to minister to you. It’s good to have a plan, but in the presence of God, hold it loosely. Allow God to lead you as you read the Bible and you will get verses that breathe hope into your life.

3) Listen to God’s response to your prayers

Sometimes we pray and forget to listen to God’s response. He may not always give a direct answer but be open to how he answers your prayers. Not hearing what God is saying about your situation can leave you feeling empty. God always answers prayer and if you listen carefully, you will hear the answers.

4) Still your mind

Train your mind to be still and focus on God when having your devotional time. Pay no attention to your problems or negative thoughts and worship God. It is tempting to rush to the part where you tell God about your problems. When you are still, you can discern the real issues.

5) Let go of hurts, anger and bitterness

These leave you in a bad mood and you end up not connecting with God. You will feel frustrated and like your devotional times are unfruitful. Forgive and let go for only then can God heal you. When you repent and let go of the impurities in your heart, times of refreshing will come from the Lord (Acts 3:19).

Devotional times with God are special and can refresh you daily if you open your heart to him.

If you desire to refresh your devotional time and wonder where to start, get a copy of The Christian Meditation Journal. It will show you new ways of making the most of your quiet time with God.

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