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My Story

It was Christian Meditation integrated with the scriptures that helped me to overcome a long and deep depression. One thing I have learned, healing is an inside job and there are many tools available to help us facilitate our healing. The storms of life, negative thoughts, and external darkness are all around us, but they don’t have to keep us down for long. 


Behind Writings

My passion is to see my brothers and sisters in Christ live with more peace, joy, purpose, and contentment in their lives. With that goal in mind, I have created programs, meditations, books, and retreats to help believers to become one with God by accessing the kingdom of God within them. My writing teaches believers spiritual disciplines that they can utilize regularly to maintain their mental and emotional well-being while drawing closer to God. 

My Vision

Moving Forward

My vision continues to grow. One of my greatest desires is to host regular Christian meditation retreats where believers can learn how to meditate effectively, reset their lives, gain freedom over fear, and deepen their relationship with God. Currently, I host several retreats per year, but with God’s grace, I’d like this number to grow. I believe we all need to take regular times to retreat and spend time just being with God. 

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