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5 Spiritual Self Care Tips Every Christian Should Know

The Christian life is spiritual for we are to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Deuteronomy 8:3). Bread is to nourish our physical bodies but the word of God is for our spirits. We are spirit beings and we need spiritual food to thrive. The words of God are spirit and life. And this means we can’t care for our spiritual selves apart from God.

We don’t always know how best to care for our spirits and we need guidance along the way. Therefore, God has anointed teachers of his word to teach those who need a better understanding of it and how to apply it in their lives.

The 5 tips below will help you as you begin your spiritual self-care journey.

1) Listen to worship music.

Worshiping God lifts our spirits and connects us to our creator. We bring his presence into a space by playing worship music. Listen to worship songs as you drive to work or sit in your living room. Let the music permeate your entire being and you will experience the tangible presence of God. You may even get revelation regarding a situation in your life.

2) Prayer.

Communing with God is key to your spiritual health and growth. Prayer makes things possible on earth as it is in heaven. Prayer is a place where both God and you share your hearts to each other. There is no greater joy than seeing the manifestation of God’s goodness in your life and that of others. Answered prayer builds your faith and trust in God.

3) Read the word of God.

For us to grow spiritually and do all that God says we can do, we need his word in our spirits. To avoid deception or falling for wrong doctrines, familiarize yourself with the truth in God’s word. The Bereans had the audacity to search the Scriptures to make sure what the Apostle Paul taught them was in God’s word (Acts 17:11).

4) Personal spiritual retreat.

Sometimes you have to unplug from your everyday chores and cares to seek God and give yourself time to restore anything that may be out of balance spiritually. A lot of the issues you struggle with have a spiritual origin and require a spiritual solution. Sometimes you have to step away from the busyness of life to identify and deal with them.

5) Consuming spiritual content.

To grow spiritually, content based on the word of God will add value to your life. You can look for spiritual books, videos, sermons, etc. You can also attend conferences that help your Christian walk. Resources from ministers of the gospel help you better understand how to apply God’s word in your life.

These are a few tips on spiritual self-care. There are many more. See if you can identify them. Incorporate them into your daily life.

The Christian Meditation Journal has spiritual self-care tips that every Christian should know. Get your copy today and find out how you can care for yourself spiritually.

6 Spiritual Self Care Tips Every Christian Should Know