The Christian Meditation Journal - Meditation with Faith and Purpose

Many Christians keep a journal to record thoughts, emotions and experiences. Years later, this journal serves as entertainment when one needs to read all that happened to them in different life’s seasons. It is also important to have a spiritual journal where you record your unique experiences with God and monitor your spiritual growth.

Psalm 103:2 charges us not to forget the benefits of the Lord and the way to remember them is to keep a spiritual journal. This way you can meditate on the goodness of God upon your life.


What are 4 benefits of keeping a spiritual journal?


#1 It reveals your thoughts and beliefs

One of the greatest benefits of a spiritual journal is revealing your dominant thoughts and beliefs. These are the drivers of your emotions. When you have a record of your internal dialogue, you can see where your mind is unrenewed by the word of God. You are to renew your mind daily with the word of God according to Romans 12:2. With a spiritual journal, you can see how aligned your mind is with the word of God.

#2 Track answers to your prayers

Sometimes we pray over things and forget, especially when the answer is taking long in coming. When you go back to your journal, you will see what you asked God and how he answered your prayers. You can imagine praying for the salvation of a loved one and not notice they are desiring the things of God, for example listening to gospel music and watching Christian TV. Journal your prayers and tick off when God answers them. It will supercharge your prayer life.

#3 Record revelations

God speaks to you through his Holy Spirit. He reveals your future and gives you spiritual insight into situations you are facing in life. Keeping a spiritual journal is the way to maintain a record of the revelations God gives you for “the vision is for an appointed time” (Habakkuk 2:3) and you may have to wait for its fulfillment. God’s revelations contain his plans for your life. When God gives you a vision for your ministry, it is important to capture all the details so you will remember it and not fall prey to the opinions of others.

#4 Reveals your trust in God

When you see how much God pays attention to the small details of your life, you can trust him more. You have the assurance that he understands your situation and is at work in your life. Imagine going through your journal and seeing how God impressed upon your heart to buy a baby pillow and not a jumpsuit, and how your friend confirmed that she had no pillow for her baby. Having a journal for your spiritual life allows you to see the faithfulness of God and increases your trust in him.

An awesome resource to help you as you capture your spiritual life in a journal is The Christian Meditation Journal. It is a step-by-step guide to Christian meditation and gives you the keys to mental, spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Bible Journaling for Spiritual Growth