Create a Christian Meditation Practice You’ll Love?​

– By Author Rhonda Jones

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Start Each Day with More Focus & Purpose!

Discover the keys to mental, spiritual, and emotional wholeness in this step-by-step guide to Christian meditation. In just a few minutes each day, you can train your mind to focus, increase your self-awareness, think and feel better. You are as healthy as your thoughts! Daily Christian meditation integrated with scriptures will progressively transform your heart and improve your mind.

If you want to take control of those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, fearful, and worried or you simply want to enhance your quiet time with God, The Christian Meditation Journal is the perfect resource to try.

Take this life-changing journey traveled by many others and experience firsthand the peace, freedom, and fulfilling relationship with the Lord you deserve. Live your best life as you tap into your inner thoughts, quiet your mind, connect your heart, and experience God as never before.

The Basic

Establish a basic Christian meditation morning routine. I’ll teach you 4 spiritual disciplines to do daily to maintain your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Beyond the Basics

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to move beyond the basics to learn additional spiritual disciplines that will transform your life and connect you even deeper to God.

Inner Healing

You truly can heal your life with the right knowledge and tools. In this section, you’ll be introduced to healing tools that you can use regularly to purify your mind and heart.

Read What Others Are Saying!

 Read what others are saying about the Christian Meditation Journal.

The journal is great. One thing to realize your journal is a journey in and of itself. Building a Foundation really challenges you to think and examine your life and where you are actually when it comes to your relationship with God. This journal is life-changing.”- Natalie Johnson Lee

- Natalie Johnson Lee

So excited for Rhonda! She’s added a new addition to her product line. This journal is an amazing tool to help you get focused and in alignment with your higher self!♡”-

– DawnMarie Times

I am on day 2 of the journal and am already enormously blessed. Thank you for writing this and sharing yourself.

– Karen Gondola, Phd.

Rhonda your book is helping me beyond measure. We have to constantly put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD!! Like you wrote on page 47 and I quote, “We Christians are in a spiritual battle and if we want to win the fight we must do so according to the kingdom of God.” I am making a “date with God” every day and it is helping me to stay focused on HIM and not get thrown back and forth emotionally, in and out of dark places like doubt and despair.”- Peggy Edgarly

– Peggy Edgarly

OH MY LORD! IT’S AMAZING! You’ve done an excellent job of putting this together and so Spirit lead. In a time where social media and technology has captured the minds of not just unbelievers, but believers also, this is crucial for turning our minds back to God. NEVER allow the passion God placed with you to get discouraged! No one desires to or has the time to meditate on the presence of God and His Word. Success and worldly desires have taken hostage our minds. I believe we’re living in a culture that is hungry and thirsty for what you are doing!

– Tony Westbrooks, Minister

Are you Ready to Breathe New Life Into Your Christian Walk?

The practical lessons, tools, and spiritual disciplines you will learn in this journal will help you:

  • Renew your mind & overcome negative thinking
  • Live with more peace, joy, and freedom
  • Free yourself from toxic emotions
  • Draw closer to God than you thought possible
  • Heal inner wounds and let go of the past
  • Develop a better relationship with yourself
  • Grow deeper in your spiritual walk

Take a Sneak Peek Inside!

Take a sneak peek inside The Christian Meditation Journal. This 21-page preview (full-size 265 pages) will give you an idea what to expect on your Christian meditation journey. Hope you enjoy! – Rhonda Jones

About The Author!

Rhonda Jones is the creator of the award-winning website, The Christian Meditator, and the creator of over 23 Christ-centered meditation and affirmations CDs on a variety of topics. Rhonda’s meditations allow Christians to meditate in a way that completely honors God and will not conflict with their Christian faith.

Coming soon are her new books, Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit, and the Design Your Day, Design Your Life Journal. Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit is a 12-week Biblically-based program that integrates Christian Meditation and God’s Word with spiritual and practical lessons to help believers find healing and balance in seven core areas of their life. Rhonda facilitates yearly God Getaway Retreats to help believers create or deepen their Christian meditation practice.

Rhonda Jones started making Christian meditation Cds and recordings back in 2005, when most Christians never even heard of such a thing. Over the years, she has reached thousands with the life-change practice of Christian meditation. If you’re interested in learning how to meditate in daily easy steps, you’ll love her new journal, The Christian Meditation Journal. (258pages)